Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A Five Dollar Deposit on a Twenty Thousand Dollar Deal

Are you a young man of this world? Have you got the idea that sex is the focus of what a relationship with a female is all about? Have you been “socialized” into believing that you’re going to have sex anyway, everyone else does, and so what’s the big deal? Is the idea of marriage just a “piece of paper” in your way of thinking?

Let’s get honest, shall we? If you find yourself having played the field for a number of years now, you know the emptiness of a sex driven relationship where both parties reserve the most significant parts of their spirit, never fully trusting in one another. You know how volatile such a relationship is, and how often you find yourselves teetering on the edge of ending the relationship for petty reasons. Have you ever stopped to examine why? Consider the following:

On the busiest Saturday of the year, a wealthy man (we’ll call Tom) walked into an electronics store to sample their products as he looked for a complete home theatre. The wealthy man desired some of the very best of what the store that he was visiting offered. He wanted a 65” top of the line Plasma TV, a 3D Blu-Ray Player, 8 pairs of 3D Glasses, a 135w/channel high current 7.1 Dolby TruHD Receiver, high end tower speakers complimented with equally high end centre channel, side and rear speakers, with a 500w RMS powered subwoofer capable of creating low frequencies that bring about nausea, and $3000 worth of the very best high end cables.

The salesman (we’ll call Peter) that helped the wealthy man worked very hard to satisfy his interests. Peter should have asked Tom upfront if he was looking to buy, but because of his past experience with wealthy men, Peter was intimidated and didn't want to risk losing a potential sale. Peter was paid on commission and he’d had a tough month, so he had to work diligently to please his customers if he hoped to receive a reward for his work. And besides, the way Tom behaved, Peter got the impression that he was looking to buy. So with hope, Peter made a commitment to help Tom the best that he could.

For 5.5 hours Peter took Tom through every piece of equipment he had that might have been of interest to Tom. He explained in great detail the differences between the products and how each one might be of benefit to Tom, based on Tom’s desires. While Peter was busy with Tom there were many people buying other products from other sales people, but Peter was committed to Tom and to serving him, so he gave Tom his full attention and missed those other opportunities.

After the 5.5 hours, Peter presented Tom with a package of equipment that was exactly as Tom had wished. Peter worked out an excellent price for Tom and the total for all the equipment, with tax, came to $20,000. Tom agreed that Peter had given him an excellent price, and Tom also agreed that the package was exactly what he wanted.

So Peter asked Tom if he’d like to take the equipment home today. Tom said yes! Peter was elated, and for the next 35 minutes he worked diligently to get every piece of Tom’s package out of the warehouse and piled it up high, next to the check out. With a sweaty brow and a hopeful voice, at the counter Peter asked Tom, “how would like to pay today”? To which Tom indignantly replied, “pay? I’m only giving a deposit today, but I want to take home the product first to see if it’s any good.” Peter stood for a moment, shocked by what Tom had said, and gathered himself enough to respond, “I’m sorry Tom, but that’s not our company policy”. Tom, sensing Peter’s desperation, quipped, “I don’t care about your policy, if you want this deal you’ll make it work”. Peter assured Tom he did want his business and so, as the Assistant Manager and a husband and father of 3 children, Peter decided to take a chance and allow Tom’s request.

Tom, with a growing sense of entitlement, seemed somewhat satisfied with Peter’s compromise. Peter then asked Tom, “so how much will you be putting as a down payment on this deal Peter? The minimum deposit we take that would normally hold a product is 10%, so that would be $2000. Will that be your amount?” Tom clenched his jaw and with an angry tone asked Peter, “do you know who I am? Do you have any idea who you’re dealing with? I am the grandson of the man that developed this entire community! If I wanted to, I could buy this entire plaza and the entire inventory in each of the different stores! How dare you ask me to put a minimum deposit of 10%! You don’t trust me Peter? Is that it? I will give you $5, and you will give me all the product to sample in my home, for up to a year, or I won’t do business with you! Furthermore, if you don’t accept the terms of my offer, I’ll be contacting the owner of this store. Do I make myself clear?”

Peter, with a rather large frog growing in his throat, and a bright crimson tone on his face replied, “OK sir, I’m sorry. I’ll take everything out to your car.” “My car”, barked Tom, “oh no, you’ll be delivering and setting up this product... today!” With a deep breath, and a long sigh, Peter submitted to Tom’s demands. Peter was vulnerable and Tom knew it. Peter was desperate to keep his job and feed his family, and Tom knew it. So Peter did just as Tom demanded, even though in the end Peter could have done so much better if he had just helped somebody else that Saturday. If Peter had followed the righteous path and not made such increasingly wicked compromises with Tom, he would have had peace. But Peter, in desperation, fell to his own greed and to his own need. Peter didn’t trust truth, instead he trusted Tom.

Maybe today you’re involved with a woman that gave you sex the first time you asked? Maybe you’re involved with a woman who made you ask 10 times before she gave you sex? Maybe when a woman says no to your requests you look for an easier woman? Maybe you’re living with a woman, having sex at your leisure, but still able to live the life of a bachelor? Maybe every time a woman asks you about marriage you become angry and call her a ball and chain? Maybe your attitude is that of Tom’s. Maybe you sense the desperation and confusion of the modern woman, and maybe you’ve told yourself it’s not your fault that they give you such easy sex? Well guess what? You’re wrong!

This world has turned black to white, up to down, wrong to right, and right to wrong. But there is a standard of truth, a policy that is black and white; it’s God and His word. His Ten Commandments tell us that we should not commit adultery, and Jesus said that to lust after a woman is the same as committing adultery with her in our heart; married or not. The Bible says all sexually immoral will have their place in Hell. These standards of God’s are not set simply to deny us from pleasure, but to uphold truth and the righteousness of God.

When you get easy sex, deep inside you know there’s something about you that feels dirty. If you’re beyond that feeling of dirtiness, remember back to when you did feel that dirtiness, and then be careful. Because God’s word cautions us about knowing the truth and then ignoring it, that our conscience might not become seared as with a hot iron. In other words, if your heart starts to grow a crust around it, and you’ve become insensitive to the truth your conscience is revealing to you, you better be careful because you may go too far and never hear truth again.

Jesus Christ came and lived a perfect life, for you and me. He took the punishment of our sin and was brutally murdered and left to die on a tree. He was guilty of nothing, but yet he took the wrath of God so that we can have hope in God, hope in life, hope in death, and know truth really exists! He is risen today, and He lives so that we can receive His free gift of salvation. Repent from your sinfulness, get honest with God and confess to Him, and put your faith in Jesus Christ to save you from your darkness and sin. Don’t try to be a “better person”. You will fail to make yourself presentable to God. He is a perfect Judge who cannot overlook your crimes. But put your faith in Jesus Christ to change you, and you will be born again; born new with a new spirit, the Holy Spirit of God. He will change your ways forever, and like a 5 year old boy, you will have hope again, and a light in your eyes. You won’t crave the darkness anymore!

Please take this opportunity and put your faith in Jesus Christ!

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