Thursday, November 4, 2010

I Long To Have Your Fragrance LORD

I long to have Your fragrance LORD,
Mighty King of all around.
Keep me in Your presence Christ,
May Your truth on earth abound.

Your “self” never known in this world,
Your Father’s will was done.
The Perfect Lamb, a living sacrifice,
Alone You paid and won.

I can never shed this flesh of mine,
Thank You for your Spirit.
I long to see this reflection fade,
Help me turn away the mirror.

I hope when I wake each morn,
That I bathe in all that’s You.
You cleansed me from who I was,
My life today is new.

Even still, I must remain in check,
Examine, pray and read.
To know You and the price You paid,
Please keep me in Your need.

If I never immerge a successful man,
Your glory be my goal.
Your sufferings dwarf all I am,
Your victory fill my soul.

I am nothing LORD without Your grace,
It’s by that You gave me life.
Your blood the perfect substitute,
For my lust, my hate, my strife.

Please keep me in Your truth O’ LORD,
Ignite me with Your fire,
Let others hear the hope that’s Yours,
Use me to reach the liar.

And when I’m hated or scorned because,
Of Your message that I bring.
May I always rejoice and know that You,
Bring glory to Your Name.

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